Perfume: The Art & Craft of Fragrance Book£9.99

Fragrance expert Karen Gilbert shows how to create and blend your very own signature scent. 

'A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting;' Christian Dior.

You Will Learn

  • The psychology of smell and how fragrance can influence our moods and behaviour
  • The basics of how to build a fragrance
  • Howto recognise fragrance families and how to identify the top, middle and base notes of a perfume
  • How to create perfume oils, sprays, and solids, plus scented bath and body products and home fragrance sprays from the easy step-by-step recipes

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Add Perfumery Smelling Strips for £15!

Get to know your raw materials faster so you can build a better fragrance
When you're creating your fragrance and getting to know your raw materials, it's really important to dip your raw materials on a strip. Each raw material is going to have a different level of volatility. Something like vanilla is going to have a longer one, and each raw material is going to differ. 

Smelling strips help you become familiar with your raw material and how the scent will change over a period of time. 

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